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How to write a college essay. Be a partner with the experts

Write my paper. Is this service expensive and legal? is a trustworthy writing company which provides cheap service with the high quality. there you can find more different service, like writing from scratch, editing/ proofreading, multiple choice questions, problem solving. Customers can choose their academic level, like undergraduate program, bachelor, professional paper or admission […]


The growing demand for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) has created incentives to improve processes for extracting lithium from brine. Current Li-extraction processes involve pumping brine from underground into shallow pools for evaporation and concentration. But the traditional method has several significant limitations, including its requirement for large flat areas for ponds and a dry climate for […]

Logistics concerns for today’s chemical industry

Digitalization, sustainability, security and safety are at the forefront of innovations in the logistics and supply-chain sectors Ensuring that chemical products reach the correct location at the correct time requires intricate networks of complex logistics and scheduling tasks where several entities may hold a stake. Users are beginning to reap the efficiency benefits of adopting […]